Latest round of restaurants in Buenos Aires

Well, I suppose I'll park this list here and update it as my memory reminds me of where we ate during our most recent trip to Buenos Aires. Sometimes it's hard to remember where you ate if you don't write it down. I'll eventually add a bit of insight on each place. In the meantime, enjoy a nice picture of gnocchi (or noquis):

Noquies at Parrilla La Gauchita

Il Migliore
Parrilla La Gauchita
Pizza Calda
La Tolva
Marcelita y Garcia
Natural Deli
Vinos y Sabores
La Cabrera
Del Carmen
El Progreso
Pampa Picante


You know you're in Argentina...

Where else but Argentina can you go to the local zoo and find a hot water dispenser specifically made for mate drinkers? Just bring your thermos, yerba and mate and for a few pesos, you can get some hot water. Just pour, sip and enjoy and you look at the llamas and carpinchos!

Of course, if you're little ones aren't drinking mate yet, why not go to a store in Palermo Viejo and pick up their first little mate set? Comes complete with yerba, bombilla and fun pink or blue mate.