Ghost Towns

I've always found ghost towns to be fascinating... wandering among the ruins and rubble of a place that was. You'll see them dotted across the states and, though not referred to as ghost town, across more historic places in countries like Italy, France, etc.

Anyway, the AP published an interesting article called Explore the History and Mystery of Ghost Towns that I found worth sharing. Below are some pictures taken in California's Coachella Valley and in Joshua Tree National Park. The first four are from Joshua Tree, three not too far from the Jumbo Rocks and one from the Lost Horse Mine. The last two (different buildings in different locations) are from various spots in Palm Canyon.


Anonymous said...

Hey - I too find Abandoned America just hauntingly beautiful. One of my favorite sites - www.opacity.us

Stuart said...

I have not been so lucky to witness ghost towns, though I have heard a lot about them but most of them are fictions I feel. I love to get involved in the adventures which such places usually promises to be but then I need to know some adequate place for that. BTW, did you manage to see any?

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