So long, for now, Rainbow Room... and discovering Muscat, Oman

Back in 1996, I had a chance to return to New York City on behalf of my boss at BMC Software. At the time, I hadn't been back to Manhattan since I was a small boy and the city always held a great fascination for me. I've been back about a dozen times since then but the city still fascinates me. One of the highlights of that trip was a visit to the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center. Our business meeting was held there and the experience was fantastic. I still remember taking in the view of the city from the 65th floor - amazing.

Well, it looks like part of the Rainbow Room, the Rainbow Grill, will be closing temporarily due to the economic downturn. A staple of the Manhattan nightlife for 75 years may be no more. Sad. Let's hope things pick up and the restaurant is fully open once again.

On to a complete unrelated item, I was reading something about Muscat, Oman today and it made me want to do some digging on Muscat. Apparently, it is a rarely visited but amazing destination in the Middle East.

Not much is available online so here are a couple of brief pieces on Muscat:

Muscat, Oman: An Undiscovered Middle Eastern Treasure

Driving to Muscat from Dubai

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