Upgrades a-plenty!

No complaints with the trip to Orlando. Not only did I get upgraded to first class both ways (that probably hasn't happened since I was Platinum Elite), the trip was a big success... I predict a big contract as a result.

A few observations...

  • I'm impressed by Orlando's airport. Despite the poorly-designed security lines, the common areas before security are well laid out. Good selection of stores and a conveniently located Hyatt overlooking the entrance to terminal A.
  • School may be getting ready to start but there was no shortage of kids along International Boulevard
  • Most of the rental car companies at the airport are located on-site. One glaring omission is Thrifty. You've seen me complain about Thrifty before and you're about to see it again. First, it took 30 minutes for the Thrifty bus to pick us up. Once the bus finally showed up, we drove way off the property to a Thrifty daily parking lot before finally making it out to the rental lot. It must have taken an hour before we finally got in the car. Weak.
No trips scheduled for now... then again, given the last one was booked with a week's notice, you never know.

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