A Worthwhile Visit to Greystone Mansion and Park

Located in a privileged location in Beverly Hills sits Greystone Mansion and Park - a lovely place to enjoy beautiful South California weather and pass a few relaxing hours. We made it to Greystone Mansion in July 2005 during a July 4th weekend trip to Beverly Hills. With only a few hours left before catching a flight out of LAX, it made for a perfect last-minute stop.

Just a glimpse of the sprawling manicured grounds

Greystone Mansion, one of the largest in the Los Angeles area, is located at 905 Loma Vista Drive, just off of Sunset Boulevard. It was built by Edward Doheny in 1928 as a gift for his son. Today, the house is closed to visitors but the grounds are open to the public (and free!). Clear days offer beautiful views of the area but, even on a typically smoggy LA day, you can't help but just soak up the gardens' tranquility.

Natural beauty on a sunny day

Finding the mansion is easy and the web page offers a map and directions. Check the web page for events as occasional tours of the mansion are available. If you can't make it out to the mansion, you might catch a glimpse in your favorite movies like Spiderman III, The Prestige, X-Men or Austin Powers: Goldmember.

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