Dealing with "Nature" at UT games

This is going to be a pretty "targeted" post as it only applies to some 85,000 or so folks who find themselves on The University of Texas campus on certain Saturdays in the fall.

Let's say you drove up to Austin for a college football game. Kick-off is at 6:00 and you're making your way across campus at 2:00. Or, you just might be hanging east of DKR, tailgating with some friends and enjoying a cold Shiner. A funny grumble in your stomach signals that not all is well "below". Your closest option is a stinky port-a-potty with a slow moving line. Maybe you're right in the middle of campus and don't know which way to turn. You could "fake it 'til you make it" and wait until you get into the stadium (and take your chances with a stadium bathroom). Are there better options on campus?

Nine years as season ticket holders and plenty of additional game experience has led us to some of the better bathroom options on the UT campus. These bathrooms usually tend to be cleaner and uncrowded. In no particular order...

1. Main Building - Entering by the UGL, you can walk to the center of the building and find clean and usually quiet bathrooms. Particularly nice if your morning breakfast is going to require a longer visit.
2. Perry Castaneda Library - Options on each floor. The first floor is usually fine but more frequented. Another option is the Undergraduate Library.
3. The Union - The Union is pretty barren on gamedays so there are never any lines. Bathrooms are on the second floor when entering from the west mall.
4. Harry Ransom Center - Museums normally have clean and well-mainted bathrooms... the HRC is no different.
5. Art Building and Museum - The closest option to the north side of the stadium and typically barren. Walk into the main entrance and turn left. Where else can you ponder the glory of the Gutenberg Bible while taking care of business?
6. School of Social Work Building - This one is favored by those tailgating in the higher dollar Longhorn Foundation tailgating spots. Usually someone will have wedged open a door so you can get it. Gets busier as the day goes on and the beer disappears.

Not recommended...? I would pass on the Texas Exes Center - Tons of people and very cramped quarters. Yeah, they "renovated" the bathrooms but I wouldn't sit down and take my time in there. Only a good option for a quick pit stop when in the Exes Center.

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