My latest culinary adventures in Buenos Aires

I promised I would write this entry but have slack in following through. So, let's take a look at some of the restaurants I visited on this last trip to Buenos Aires...

Mark's Deli and Coffee House - El Salvador 4701 - This was a two minute walk from Five Cool Rooms... I went here to have a casual lunch and conversation with an Argentine colleague. Good casual fare - large selection of sandwiches (I had one with goat cheese, tomato and apple... really quite good), salads, pastries, coffee, etc. Casual and busy.

Lo De Jesus - Gurruchaga 1406 - Great parrilla in Palermo Viejo with a nice selection of meat dishes but with other specials like pasta and fish. I tried the pacu', a cousin to the piranha and it was simply delicious. Attentive and friendly service and a great atmosphere - upscale environment that isn't too stuffy. Watch out for the bread they bring out with your meal. It can fill you up!? A bit on the pricey side.

At 9:30, the crowd still hasn't arrived at Lo De Jesus

La Cabrera - Cabrera 5099 - An old school parilla with an outstanding selection of meat dishes. Everyone talks about this place and you'll find that you can show up at 9:00 and it will be packed... 9:00... in Buenos Aires. Well, it seems like more than just locals like to go there. So, either make a reservation or be prepared to wait. If you do wait, you'll be treated to outstanding (and large!) cuts of beef at reasonable prices. I ordered a 1/2 portion of bife de chorizo, about 400 gr. It was accompanied by a dozen or so condiments, many of which were delicious. I highly recommend staking out a spot and waiting for the hostess to call your name. Cozy but very busy environment. More food for less money than Lo De Jesus.

Not sure what was better... the meat or the condiments.

Bahia Madero - Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 430 - I had a quick meal in Puerto Madero inbetween meetings. I had originally planned on going to Bice but decided to try a new place (new for me). I like Bahia Madero - it had a reasonably priced menu ejecutive for about 35 pesos that included a drink, main course and coffee or dessert. I wanted something light so I opted for fish - very nice. Great view overlooking Puerto Madero. I would imagine this would be a very romantic spot for dinner.

Coud not have asked for a nice day to eat in Puerto Madero

El Cuartito - Talcahuano 937 - This Tribunales-area pizzeria has been around for over 75 years. I went by for a slow Sunday lunch and I was clearly the only non-local in there. You can opt for a porcion of pizza (slice) or small or large sized pizzas. I ordered a small pizzaiola, an empanada, a glass of red and a bottle of water for under $7 USD. Really really good and just a nice local place. Can't recommend it enough. If you don't have time, grab a slice to go and eat at the counter.
Delicious, filling, cheap and very local - a great combination

Vinos y Sabores - Laprida 1805 - Tucked a few blocks north of Av. Santa Fe, this is a nice wine bar and bistro with a reasonably priced menu ejecutive and a great sidewalk location. I really enjoyed sitting at my shady table on a comfortable summer day. Perfect spot to take a load off and enjoy some coffee or a meal. Right on the border of Barrio Norte and Recoleta.

Vinos y Sabores was a great place for a nice lunch in the shade

Cluny - El Salvador 4618 - I stopped by Cluny for an afternoon coffee and pastry. The coffee was good, the pastry too large and excellent but the service was aloof and dreadfully slow. Yes, it has a wonderful terrace but the waitresses could care less whether you are being taken care of or not. I'm not one to demand much - I'm used to (and prefer) European-style service but the service at Cluny pretty much sucked.

BoBo Hotel & Restaurant - Guatemala 4882 - What can I write about the BoBo that I haven't written before - always an oustanding experience. The service is typically outstanding and the food is to die for. I highly highly recommend the menu' de degustacion... five delicious courses, all accompanied with wine. The price is a little steep for BsAs standards but it is so worth it!

One of five delicious courses at the BoBo

El Preferido de Palermo - Jorge L. Borges 2108 - On the same block as the BoBo is an old school lunch counter style restaurant called El Preferido de Palermo. It's been there since the 1950s and is a great place to grab a quick bite, a picada or a Quilmes. I made the mistake of going here before going to La Cabrera. Still, I really liked it... the owner reigns over his kingdom behind the counter, ringing up customers while waiters scurry about. A local favorite.

A quick picada at El Preferido before heading off to dinner

Speaking of picadas, while I didn't eat there on this trip, I definitely recommend stopping by Wela Pulperia in Buenos Aires Design for a bite to eat. We did this twice on our past trips - perfect place to nibble and get some sun.

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Melanie said...

I have been to Mark´s! They have all kinds of sweets, candies, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, etc. It is impossible no gain weight there. I don´t know how Argentineans stay fit. They have like the best meat in the world, excellent wine, tasty dulce de leche and still women are skinny. And dont even get me started on pasta. I´m staying in an apartment in buenos aires and it came with a pasta machine!! Somebody stop me!! I can´t help eating spaghetti all day long!