Signs that your hotel is a dump

You go to the airport to check in for your flight from Buenos Aires back to Houston and realize the line isn't moving at all. You wait and find out... the flight has been canceled. After two hours in line, you finally get to the front, get a new flight and are given vouchers for your overnight hotel.

Here are some handy signs that your airline-provided hotel is a dump...

1. It's ranked #237 out of #273 hotels in Buenos Aires

2. It has radio dials attached to the bed. The last hotel I visited that had this was a one-star hotel in Mainz, Germany (which, admittedly, had more charm than this four-star hotel). Note: I can't find a coin slot for pesos. That's a positive!

3. Your writing desk folds out of the wall

4. You have most of what you need to make a milanesa

5. You feel the need to put your suitcase against the room door so you can hear if someone comes in the room at night.

Which begs the question... do you take the free hotel or do you try to find something on your own. At midnight, you probably suck it up but if it was much earlier... that's a call you've got to make.


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