A Glimpse into Saudi Arabia

Up until recently, I probably would have skipped over an article about visiting Saudi Arabia. Yet, recent business dealings have made Saudi Arabia more interesting to me. That's why a new article in Conde' Nast Traveler on Saudi Arabia piqued my interest.

Of the two million visitors that go to Saudi Arabia each year, a mere 6,000 are visiting for what you and I would consider a "traditional trip" rather than making a pilgrimage. The country hides an amazing wealth of history for those who take a Discover Saudi Arabia tour via Saudi Arabian Airlines. This article, quite lengthy (I've just started reading it) is well worth reading. Even if you never have plans to visit, we can always benefit from knowing more about exotic destinations across the globe.

Masmak Fortress in Riyadh

Madain Saleh in Northwestern Saudi Arabia


Desert and Mountains in Saudi Arabia (Ray Ellis, Photo Researchers)

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