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I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of Turbulence Training and Craig Ballantyne's articles in magazines such as Men's Health and Men's Fitness. This past weekend, I received his daily e-mail that shared some great tips on staying in shape when on the road...

From Craig:

Here are 7 tips to help you stay fit, not fat when it comes time for your spring break or next work trip.

1. It's up to you to pack good nutrition options for the road since it's almost impossible to eat right when you are stuck in airports.
Healthy, road-worthy snacks that you can pack in your bag include raw nuts, apples, pears, protein bars, and organic beef jerky.

2. Plan your business travel meals in advance if possible so that you can stick to daily nutrition totals. Airlines and hotels are more accommodating in meeting the special nutrition requirements of customers these days. Ask and you shall receive.

3. Find an adequate hotel gym or nearby fitness establishment so you can continue with your regular workouts. I hit the Honolulu 24-Hour Fitness location and didn't miss a workout. (Plus, I filmed a few new TT workout videos around the Island).

4. While your best option is to purchase a day-pass and go to a local gym for your TT workout, if there is no time, then hit the hotel gym or do a bodyweight TT workout in your room.

5. Schedule your workouts with as much dedication as you schedule your business meetings. Take advantage of whatever time slot is available during your travels for exercise. Training is another appointment that can also be used as an excuse to skip the unnecessary post-meeting cocktails and calories.

6. Travel with a "maintenance mindset". Stick to your plan and you'll return home without gaining any fat or losing any fitness.
Minimize the nutrition dangers of food, booze, and inactivity with a positive mindset. Holidays are not a license to binge.

7. Spend waiting time walking. If you are enduring a layover in an airport, walk around the airport if your schedule and surroundings permit. Don't be lazy!

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