A Stunning Italian Island

I've been thinking a lot about beaches, islands and other sunny locales lately. Reading a book on the Greek Islands can't help - it's dangerous because it's taking my mind off of Santorini and making me think, but there are so many other islands to visit!? Okay... focus focus. Cancun isn't too far away... I need to stick to that for now.

At the same time, as we were sitting on the couch, an island I had once considered visiting (and still would like to visit) came to mind. Ponza. Located south of San Felice Circeo in the Lazio region of Italy, Ponza is the largest of the isole Pontine. Easily reachable via ferry, not only is it a stunning island - rocky and gorgeous like a Greek island - it's also full of history. It's the type of island that is well known to Italians but virtually unknown to Americans.

I can't say I can offer too much information on Ponza. My research on the island came on the heels of a trip to Sperlonga in 2004 (I'll eventually need to post something separate on Sperlonga). Whatever I dug up might be outdated... but I will say this - look up Ponza on your own . From everything I've heard and read, it is stunning. Besides, you could visit the island and be one of the few Americans around. While everyone you know talks about visiting Orlando or Cancun (ahem!?), you can talk about your visit to Ponza.

One hotel to look up is the four star, Gran Hotel Chiaia di Luna. Prices, even during high season, are much more reasonable than other beach hotels on European islands. Suites during high season are 225 Euros. A stunning beach is located below the hotel, reachable via a Roman tunnel. It would be my choice if heading to Ponza.

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