A Few New Tastes in Houston

Tried out a couple new restaurants over the past week or so...

Aga's - An Indian/Pakistani restaurant at 11842 Wilcrest. So, my colleague told me about a great Persian place near the office and I said, great, I love Persian. Persian turned out to be Pakistani and, you know what, I still liked it. The place itself is cavernous so they must host a lot of banquets. I was a bit blind going in but the owner steered me to some good choices. I had the Aga's Masala Chicken (tasty and the right amount of spice but very bony) and a great Dal Fry. It was actually too much. The Nan was giant but delicious.

Andrea's - 12513 Westheimer - I had heard a lot about this place from my parents and found that it was OK. It sounds like they're still dealing with some service issues but it wasn't bad although there were some hiccups. The food was good, not great - not what I had anticipated, particularly since the two owners are Italian. Next time, I would try some pasta (my wife's pesto dish was excellent).

Cru' - 9595 Six Pines Drive in The Woodlands - We were in The Woodlands for a variety of reasons and went to Market Street to do some shopping, etc. We stopped in Cru' for lunch - while more of a wine bar, the place has a good-sized menu for lunch and dinner. Prices were a bit high for both wine and food, particularly for what you get. My seared ahi tuna salad had the smallest portion of tuna I've ever seen. Service was average and it seemed like the restaurant (a chain) spent more on the atmosphere than anything else. Recommended? I don't know... probably not. I can think of much better wine bars/restaurants in Houston.

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