This makes no sense to me...?

The Chronicle has a lengthy Q&A article related to passports, new passport cards, entry rules, etc. on their web page. What I can't understand is why anyone who wants to do any type of international travel, even on a quick cruise from Galveston to Mexico, wouldn't get a passport? To me, it's a no-brainer. You have it when you need it and it's valid for a decade. Why not get one? Yes, it costs more but average that out to $9-10 a year and it's a pittance, really.

On an unrelated note, fares keep going up. I've been poking around summer fares to various places... I was surprised to see fares spike to over $700 for places like Seattle and Portland, despite Saturday night stays. Even typically inexpensive LAX is $300+ before taxes. Granted, I'm loyal to one airline so I can hoard miles but I know fares have been on the rise with other carriers.

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