From A to Zihuatanejo

I recently posted a little entry on the resurgence of Acapulco. While only a few hours away and at the other end of the alphabet, Zihuatanejo is about as far as you can get from glitz and glamor. While not the sleepy fishing town some claim it to be - over 80,000 live in the area - Ixtapa's neighbor is a casual and low-key alternative for those wanting to relax and escape massive resorts and all-inclusives.

We had been looking at both Acapulco and Zihuatanejo and will head to Zihua sometime this year. Of course, Zihuatanejo has been in the news lately as several recent and very rare shark attacks have placed the Mexican resort area on the map. I'm not worried... either I'll surf in the bay if there is a big swell, possibly swing by Escolleras or just enjoy my time on the beach. Troncones won't be on the itinerary.

If you're looking for a place to stay in Zihua, a few places consistently come up as top-notch hotels. Unlike nearby Ixtapa, there are only about 400 hotel rooms in Zihuatanejo - probably as many as you might find at the Las Brisas or the Barcelo'. You won't find mega-resorts. You will find small, personalized, family-run hotels. La Casa Que Canta, while absurdly expensive in a town like Zihuatanejo, is consistently named one of the best hotels in Mexico. Some options to consider...

La Casa Que Canta - One of the highest-rated hotels in Mexico
Hotel Las Brisas Del Mar - Our choice
Villa Carolina Hotel
The Tides - Formerly Villa Del Sol

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