Changes Afoot for the Greek Islands

It wasn't that long ago that I was writing an entry about our future trip to Athens and Santorini. I had listed a few hotels that we'd chosen in Athens, Oia and Kamari. Well... let's edit that last entry. Santorini is out... Milos is in.

Why the change? Simply put, fares to Santorini are absurd - and when I say absurd, I mean around 400 Euros for two people on a little puddle jumper of a flight. Sorry... just doesn't make sense. Yes, we could take a ferry if we had a ton of time but, unfortunately, our trip will be somewhat short. Fortunately, accommodations on Milos were available and our flight, for two people, will be roughly 170 Euro. Much better. Much more reasonable. Besides, in Milos we'll have free rein to run around the island, explore one of the islands 70 beaches and just relax in a much more casual environment.

So, what hotel did we choose? We opted for the soon-t0-be opened Melian Hotel, run by the owner of the Villa Notos hotel in Adamas. Are we going out on a limb? You bet... the Melian will open in mid-June so not many pictures are out there. We've seen renderings here and there, have a good idea of the location and are banking on the reputation of the owner of the Villa Notos. Local Milos experts have also vouched for the owner's reputation so that helps.

Besides a more Greek experience, fewer crowds and better prices, what makes Milos special? These pictures, all from Milos is for Lovers, should explain the many reasons...

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