Excellent Service at Arco D'Oro

Good service in a restaurant should be expected but great service should be rewarded. Other than a generous gratuity, what better way to recognized an excellent effort by letting others know about the experience? And our experience last night at Arco D'Oro was an indeed outstanding.

Simply put, we arrived a bit early knowing that we needed to eat before we fed our baby boy. Such is the life of parenthood - eating around your child's schedule. Despite not having reservations on a Friday night, we were placed in a nice booth that made it easy to accommodate us with our son. Throughout the night, we were waited on very attentively - not only by the wait staff but by the maitre 'd who frequently checked with us, spent quite a bit of time talking to us and simply made us feel very welcome despite having an eleven month old in tow. Some nice restaurants would do the opposite and make it clear that "uninvited" children on a Friday night were simply not welcome. Arco D'oro, on the other hand, made us feel like VIPs. That did deserve a generous tip and, as promised, a kind word.

This week we'll be trying out the new Ristorante Cavour at the Hotel Granduca - we'll be enjoying a night out sans baby. The restaurant has a mere 7 tables and has a reputation for impeccable service. Early reviews have been very positive - we'll see how our experience measures up.

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