New Yorkers Get a Closer Shave

If you take shaving seriously (that is, if you don't like butchering your face and coping with hellacious razor burn), then you may be familiar with eShave - a great online store focused on all things shaving. I visited the eShave page tonight to buy some preshave oil only to find that eShave now has a retail presence. Located at 993 B 1st Avenue in New York City, New Yorkers now have a brick and mortar location to pick up eShave's shaving sets, badger hair brushes and shave creams. Lucky bastages. I'm a big fan of eShave. This may sound goofy but, simply put, once I started using their products, I consistently get close, comfortable shaves. Nope... I'm not a paid spokesman - just a really happy customer. Check out the store next time you're in midtown Manhattan.

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