Long overdue food options in Zihuatanejo

As you know, we spent a few days relaxing over the 4th July weekend in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Despite a day of bad weather thanks to a tropical depression, the weather was mostly nice - if not a bit humid. Still, during our stay, we had a chance to enjoy some great local restaurants.

La Casa Vieja - authentic Mexican food - delicious completely unhealthy barbacoa on Sundays. We ate there twice... the second day, Sunday, was just us an local families enjoying Sunday lunch. Really enjoyable. Best tortillas we had anywhere in Zihua.

We loved the atmosphere (and the food) at La Casa Vieja

La Perla - Great beachside restaurant in Playa La Ropa - really a perfect spot and the tiritas were out of this world (think ceviche but strips of raw fish)

Tiritas on the beach... yum!

Kau Kan - One of the best restaurants in Zihua. It was pouring while we were there so we didn't enjoy the patio. A tropical depression was just off the coast. More of a romantic/formal restaurant than your typical area restaurant. Pricier, as well, but not ludicrous by any means.

Cafeteria Nueva Zelanda - located in downtown Zihua. Nice place for a traditional Mexican breakfast or to just grab a plate of fruit and yogurt.

Bistro Del Mar - Beachside location on Playa Madera. Our hotel's restaurant. Morning service is terrible but they really shine at night. Very romantic spot. Find out the specials... we had a red snapper for two that was huge and so good.

The delicious red snapper special for two at Bistro Del Mar

La Ranita - You'll never find a web page for this three table breakfast spot. It's located across from the Bistro Del Mar and next door to La Rana "supermarket" (teeny tiny but handy). The family-run place serves made to order breakfasts, sandwiches and other quick and easy fare. A nice place to grab a bite if you're in the area.

A few locals recommended Doña Licha Restaurant to us but we never made it there. Supposed to have a great "plato de la casa" with a big hunk of beef, fresh cheese, etc.

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