Back from Charlotte

Back from Charlotte - it's 10:15 and, since I got up at 4:40 this morning, I'm going to keep this real brief...

  • The area around Charlotte looked beautiful from the plane - very green and surrounded by plenty of beautiful lakes.
  • Signage in and out of the airport is a bit sketchy and in some places is covered by heavy foliage or just not well marked at all.
  • Wow... nice new highways in Charlotte. Now, maybe I hit it at the right time of day that there wasn't traffic as my clients mentioned that traffic can be terrible. Still, getting around town seemed easy enough.
  • Random observation but the parking garages at the airport are beautifully designed - very cool modern look. Landscaping around the airport is really pleasing, too (hey... aesthetics count for something on business travel)
  • Since Continental doesn't have a President's Club, I had to find a Wi-Fi option. If you have a T-Mobile Wi-Fi account, you can "squat" outside one of the Star Alliance Clubs and log in. I tried using the "USAir Free Wi-Fi" at the business center but it didn't seem to work.
  • I have to say that the main departures area in-between the concourses is really well done. Nice and open with all kinds of shops and restaurants. Very nice.

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