Humorous Roman Signs

The next time you visit the Campidoglio in Rome and decide to wander over to the old Jewish ghetto, you might do well to keep your hands off of any plants you see along the way.

It's not too hard to find wry or humorous signs and sayings scattered across Rome. One one hand the reality is that graffiti is, sadly, pretty much ubiquitous. Then there are signs like this one on the left, pasted by a frustrated homeowner struggling to content with those who just won't keep their grubby mitts off their prized cactus (note the lovely "cactus-approved" Christmas decorations). Apparently someone kept taking cuttings from this cactus without the owner's permission. In response, the owner posted...

"Chi taglia queste piante devono sanguinare come loro"

Simply put, "Whoever cuts these plants needs to bleed like they do"


Less threatening but funnier than the first is this sign...

"Non e' un cesso per cani, zozzoni"

Loosely translated... "this isn't a bathroom for dogs, pigs!"

Keep your eyes peeled walking around Rome - if you don't read Italian, write down the sign and see if someone can translate it for you. You never know what you'll find...

"Ho deciso di mettermi a dieta!! ...ma ho person solo tanto tempo!!"

"I dediced to go on a diet!! ... but I only lost a lot of time!!"

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