A Parade Worth Seeing

I'll admit I'm not big on parades. Most guys aren't. The thought of standing around on a sidewalk for a few hours while watching high school bands and flag twirlers isn't completely appealing.

There is one exception that I know of... the Tournament of Roses Parade. Granted, it's associated with the Rose Bowl so football is automatically part of the equation. Still, it's amazing to see the floats and the parade is steeped in tradition.

We had a chance to watch the parade in person before the 2005 Rose Bowl when Texas played (and subsequently beat) Michigan. It really was a great experience. Now, we didn't go through the whole "sleep on the street overnight to save a seat" tradition. That's a bit, eh... extreme!? We did get there around 6:00 AM to get a decent spot. What we saw was worth the early wakeup time and was a nice prelude to the game.

Here are some shots from the 2005 parade, including the Texas float that, ironically, broke down at the beginning of the parade route. Could've been a bad omen but, no, Texas was on the way to winning it's first of two Rose Bowls in a row. Just for grins, I've included a picture of the game-winning kick, as seen from our vantage point.

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Longhorn Dave said...

Yes. I almost went with some USC friends of mine the year before. It would of been fun to rub it in after such a great game.

Great blog.