Relaxing Times at Salento in Houston

The weather in Houston today was picture perfect - temperatures in the upper 60s, beeeautiful clear skies and our Gulf Coast humidity was nowhere to be found. What a great day to head to Rice Village. We wandered around from store to store with the baby and took some time to chill out for a relaxing lunch at Salento. What a great little place - cozy and quaint with a focus on "gathering" (as their web site explains) rather than just eating before hitting the road.

Salento offers a small selection of sandwiches, salads and sweets and excels with a nice mix of wines, teas and coffees. But the clincher is that Salento is a great place to just hang out. In fact, they want you to linger... regular events such as live music and weekly Wednesday night tango nights make it easy to do so.

While our baby boy wasn't very cooperative today, we still found the time to enjoy some excellent (and generously sized) sandwiches, salad and a Quilmes beer. You know... given the tango nights and the Quilmes, I can't help but wonder if the place is Argentine-run. Anyway, I can't recommend the place enough. A local crowd (architectural historian Stephen Fox was enjoying a leisurely Sunday afternoon) frequents the place and it's not unusual to see the same faces sitting hour after hour. It just has a great vibe and the people are nice - you can't ask for more.