"Chilling" out in PA

The landscape for much of today’s flight looked like an endless swath of crinkled paper – low hills dusted with sugary snow. Was I about to encounter snow on my trip? Perhaps a bit of ice ? Yet, it was sunny outside my plane’s window? Indeed, the view didn't look too bad particularly since I'd finally been upgraded to first class for the first time in so long. I don't "taste" first class as much as I used to when I was Platinum Elite. Well, the weather isn't too bad although the wind has been pretty steady. It made for a very nerve-wracking landing... that's for sure. One ground crew worker at PHL was dancing around like he was auditioning for the cast of Riverdance.

Earlier today I met with two clients in Philadelphia before heading up 476 to Lehigh Valley. Unlike my previous business trip, I took a reasonably timed flight that left Houston at 8:40 AM and arrived in Philly at 1:00 PM. I didn’t have time to go to the President’s Club as there was something I needed to pick up in Terminal E (more on that in one week). The snow has been a non-factor... mostly a dusting here and there with perhaps a bit more as I drove north.

Today's meetings were in Blue Bell (apparently Money Magazine's #14 on the 100 Best Places to Live in the U.S.) and Lansdale, PA. Driving through the area reminded me how much the area is literally brimming with history. The Blue Bell Inn, for example, passed on Skippack Road as I headed towards Lansdale from Blue Bell , predated the Revolutionary War. Rolling hills flanked 476 on the way to my hotel. The area, admittedly, is relatively unknown to me. I'd like to eventually explore the northeast and see some of the towns and historical sites that forged this country.

So, now I'm at my hotel Breiningsville, just north of Trexlertown (due east of Allentown). Outside, the temperature is a balmy 16 degrees. I had dinner at a nearby chain, Damon's Grill where the food was just OK - I'll leave it at that. If anything, I finally put something in my stomach after a day when meals mostly fell by the wayside. Most of my day's nutrition came from two South Beach meal repalcement bars, wisely stuck in my briefcase in case my schedule was tight. After dinner, I hit the fitness center (frigid) for some time on the EFX before running the stairs.

Tomorrow I have two more meetings and expect to be back on the road to Philadelphia by 11:15. Boarding pass in hand, I should be able to make my flight with plenty of time to spare.

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