Step into a Hot Buenos Aires Shop

I hate to spill the beans on a secret shop but, well, Conde Naste let the cat out of the bag in 2005 so here goes...

My wife loves to shop and she adores shoes. That's why a fashionista like her finds a place like Josefina Ferroni, located in Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires, to be a dream come true. Josefina Ferroni is a shoe designer who does something a bit different. Rather than mass-producing shoes, Ferroni designs a shoe and then only produces 15 pairs. That's right, a total of 15 pairs. Once they're gone, they're gone. Ferroni keeps getting press as she was once again in Conde Naste in a February 2007 article on Buenos Aires.

We're on their e-mail list since we visited the store at Armenia 1471. Apparently Ferroni is having a sale from February 14-17. On the off chance you won't be in Buenos Aires (don't we all wish we could be), send them an e-mail or visit their web page. Exclusive shoes can be had for around $100.00 a pair.

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