The Parking Garage Lied to Me

...and you, as well.

In fact, it turns out that the parking garages at IAH tend to lie all the time. My flight to Richmond was flying out of Terminal B in Houston. Whenever I park at Terminal B, I almost always find a parking spot within a row of the elevator - 8 out of 10 times, that is the case. When I pulled up to the parking garage, the big sign that posts availability said level 2 (the first open level) was full. Knowing those signs tend to "fib", I drove up to level 2 and headed straight towards the first row.

What did I find?

Cut through the grainy and terrible picture and you can spot my car on the left and the elevator about a dozen paces away.

I can't speak for your airport but IAH's signs are notoriously wrong. Don't always believe that the parking levels are full. Whatever system they use is imperfect, to be sure. In fact, one time, attendants were blocking the entrances to the Termical C garage claiming the spots were all taken. I found an open back entrance and, lo and behold, I found several spots open on the first level I tried.

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