Sunday Travel Round Up

The weather is gorgeous outside and there's a hammock with my name waiting for me. So, this will be a quick post. Here is a quick round-up of travel articles

For the Young of Wallet, There are Hostels - Houston Chronicle - If traveling on a tight budget is your thing, hostels are often a great way to go.

The Fragile Paradise That Tahiti Used to Be - New York Times - There's more to French Polynesia than Tahiti...

Travel Websites Clamp Down on Bogus Reviews - Sydney Morning Herald - Tracking down fake online consumer reviews.

Shanghai Raises the Bar - Sydney Morning Herald - Uncovering the glittering side of Shanghai

We Just Can't Seem to Break Up with Our Flier Programs - The Los Angeles Times - Redeeming miles is not as easy as it used to be

High on Lava Trails - London Telegraph - Trekking through volcanic islands near Sicily

A Mass in the Mosque - London Telegraph - A visit to the fascinating Spanish city of Cordoba

The Sizzle of B.A. - Chicago Tribune - The article begins with, "There's something about this place"... truer words have never been spoken.

Act Fast to Snare a Summer Bargain - Dallas Morning News - Looks like summer travel is on sale

By the way, I started this inside but, you know, I do have a laptop for a reason... so I'm not inside anymore. Maybe the hammock wasn't on my mind when I bought the laptop but the two sure seem to work well together.

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