Heading to Richmond, VA

It's 6:08 and I'm passing time at a Continental President's Club while I wait for my flight from Houston to Richmond, VA. One of my most valued clients is in Richmond and I always enjoy going there. Of course, the main reason is because I truly enjoy meeting with this client. Second, there are a couple of things that make traveling into Richmond easier than some other cities.

1. There is a local taxi company named Groome Transportation that has a great set-up with about 30 local hotels in Richmond. Namely, you can take a taxi to your hotel and, rather than scrambling for cash to pay for the taxi, they will place your fare on the hotel bill. That's a smart partnership and the reason I choose them over another company.

2. Richmond International airport has free wireless. Unlike airports like Atlanta Hartsfield and Boston Logan where you can use wireless... for a fee, Richmond makes it available to anyone. Since Richmond doesn't have a President's Club, this makes it easy to get online before flying home

So... that's the upside. I'm going to wrap up as I have a flight to catch. Happy travels!

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