Back in the Keystone State

It's 11:45 and I'm plugging away in my hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn west of Allentown, PA. I'm mostly caught up with my e-mails but I'm sure I'll have a fresh batch in the morning - such is the reality of business travel... always trying to catch up with e-mails.

I flew up to Philadelphia earlier today. I knew the trip would be off to a good start when the gate agent called my name and upgraded me to seat 1B - a much more comfortable spot in first class. Thank you, Lord. I was feeling especially confident for this trip - not my own confidence but confidence that comes from a different source than myself. The upgrade just helped solidify that feeling. Anyway, the flight was smooth and trouble-free.

Car rental advice - we get great deals on Thrifty car rentals - our corporate rate works out to $41/day for full-size cars. This is often 1/2 the price of other companies. These great rates come with a catch - I sometimes watch 2-3 buses for all the other rental companies go by before a Thrifty bus comes along. It can be very annoying... and, despite being a Blue Chip member, once you get to the counter, the process can be pretty drawn out. It's annoying but I guess that's the price you pay for drastically lower rates.

Once I made it to my hotel, I decided to check out a local Barnes & Noble. Well, if you've been up here, you know that there are spots when I-78 and SR22 can get a bit confusing... and I ended up getting lost and driving in one big time-wasting circle. I made it Barnes & Noble in Whitehall where the town, for some insane reason, doesn't allow any left turns on McArthur. Want to go left? Make a right, take a big ole loop and then turn south onto McArthur. It made no sense.

I had dinner at The Maxx Regal (once known as the 1760 House) in Trexlertown where I once again found out that it's hard to eat healthy up here. The "seasonal veggies" were covered with cheese, the potatoes were slathered with butter and the steak had plenty of fat that needed to be trimmed. Oh, and if you order your salad with balsamic vinaigrette, expect a bottle of balsamic vinegar - you'll have to ask for the olive oil.

Old View of Main Street in Trexlertown

On one note, Trexlertown is really a cute little town - I love driving down the old two-lane road that cuts through "downtown". It has a certain charm and a historic character of its own. It's a tiny 17th century village now more known for being the site of a well-known velodrome and the headquarters for Air Products and Chemicals. But it looks like there's quite a bit to do in the Lehigh Valley. Next time you're up here, these are some options to explore...

There's actually quite a bit to do but that will give you the general idea.

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