Cheap Eats in London

If you've ever traveled to London, you know that the city is dreadfully amazing. This applies to everything - hotels, petrol (boy does it apply to petrol!), food... just about anything you can imagine. Let's think about food... a $9 burger and fries at a restaurant in the States would run you 9 pounds in the UK - essentially $18! That $3.00 Starbucks latte in the States? 3 pounds in UK... and easily found now that Starbucks is everywhere in London.

Really "Cheap Eats"... a Picnic in the Park

Any help you can get when it comes to saving on food in London is welcome help. When we went over New Year's Eve weekend, we found the Time Out Guide to Cheap Eats in London to be a true blessing. Of the restaurants we tried, as recommended in the guide, all turned out to be a good value.

Divertimenti, at 33-34 Marylebone High Street, is kind of like a small Crate & Barrel, sans the furniture. In the back is a small cafe that is nice and casual but offers a selection of healthy sandwiches, wraps and salads.

Nando's, a British chain found throughout London (we visited the location on Baker Street), offers great affordable Portuguese food. The concept is reminiscent of Houston-based Cafe Express. The Peri-Peri chicken combinations are a good value.

All in all, you'll find over 300 restaurants, all of which can be visited for under 20 pounds per person. Yes, that's $40 a person . South of that is considered cheap in London. You'll be sure to find plenty of options that will be pleasing to your palate and your wallet.

While you're online, check out a recent article from Time Out on 20 Cheap Eats.

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