The Story Behind the Shot:Tamarindo, Costa Rica

I love this shot because it just typifies what we saw every single night from our lounge chairs at the Tamarindo Diria in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Each evening, we would pick a spot facing the beach and just relax with a drink in hand as the sun went down. Not bad, huh? A local told us that living there was like being stuck in a time warp. Save for the rainy season, every day was the same - beautiful weather, clear skies, gorgeous sunsets and relatively constant daylight hours due to its latitude.

Flights from Houston to Liberia in Costa Rica are about 2 1/2 hours long on Continental - convenient enough for a week-long trip or a weekend getaway. From Liberia, a car can take you to Tamarindo in about an hour. Tamarindo makes for a good introductory trip to Costa Rica.

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