A Dining Feast in Montreal

A Slice of Europe (and pastry) in Montreal

We've only been in Montreal a day but it doesn't take one long to figure out that dining in Montreal can be a delectable experience. Technically, we've only had two meals with a snack thrown in for good measure. For lunch, we went to the Plateau to a pizza place on Boulevard Saint Laurent called Pizzadelic. Recommended by several guidebooks, Pizzadelic is not a run-of-the-mill pizza place. Selections range from traditional pizzas like margherita to selections that have fresh seafood. These square-shaped wood-fired pizza come in 8" and 11" sizes and tends to range around $9.50 CAN to $15.00 CAN, give or take. The massive menu has other selections like sandwiches and pasta courses like Fettucine Alfredo with Filet Mignon. If you can, nab a spot facing the street (they'll slide open the glass wall on nice days) or a seat on the back terrace. The atmosphere is otherwise dark but elegant.

For lunch, we stopped in a small pastry shop in Vieux Montreal for tarte tatin and apple turnovers. Delicious. I wish I had grabbed a card... I can tell you it was two doors down from Marche' de la Villette at 324 rue St-Paul Ouest.

Dinner was back at the Plateau where we had an amazing dining experience at Primadonna. The restaurant attempts and pulls off a menu of Italian and sushi. Yup... one restaurant... two polar opposite menus. They do pull it off though prices for sushi are steep. I hadn't eaten sushi in a while so I had tako and sake sashimi (the portions were quite small) and a rainbow roll. Again, all very good but just not completely filling. My wife had an excellent arugula salad and pasta with lobster in a very tasty mushroom and tomato sauce. Dessert was a diminutive but addictive mascarpone cheesecake with key lime sorbet. The bill for the four of us was steep - a little over $100 each before tax and tip.

So far, so good. Now we're off to breakfast.

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