Things are getting a little calmer so here's something I wanted to share with you. I don't know about you but I love to visit grocery stores in other countries. You come across all kinds of random products, funny names and then those items that you had to see to believe. Well, here's one of those items, found in Spain.

Behold Conguitos...

So, what we're looking at here is the white chocolate version of the product (picture taken on my backpack while sitting in the airport in Madrid). These are white chocolate covered peanuts. You can just imagine what the character for the milk chocolate covered peanuts looks like. Am I the only one who finds the packaging for Conguitos unbelievable? Check out their web page to see more.

And now, to erase possible doubt, Conguitos will have their own signature: each and every Conguito will have a Conguito face so you will know that you have not made a mistake!

Well, they are indeed unmistakable.


Anonymous said...

This brand has been selling conguitos for years. if you don't like it, don't visit Spain as this product is everywhere and we Spanish people love them.

is like changing the name of blackboards because the might it insuate something racist.

Shall we just get rid of everything in black? The last thing that crosses my mind when I'm eating conguitos is that I might be racist! incredible and childish

kimbersfrog said...

I was just over in Spain for a few years , and I LOVED conquitos. (not the white chocolate as I don;t really like white choc.). But I am pretty sure you are reading into the racist thing. For one, over there the culture, history, and race issues are completely different from ours. And second, I believe it is supposed to be a cartoon chimpanzee, not a human.