Good Fares to be Had

Not sure if there is a fare war out there (just haven't been paying attention) but lately I've been able to grab sub-$200 fares from Houston to Denver, Houston to Philadelphia and Houston to Atlanta... all on Continental Airlines. Two of these trips were midweek fares - clearly business trips but the tariffs were cheaper than some Saturday night stays. I had to play with the days to get the cheapest fare to Denver - only $170.00. Not sure if SWA's recent entry into Denver has something to do with this. Philly used to be ridiculously expensive (a la Newark in the late 90s when fares would regularly hit $1600) but has since tempered into a reasonable place to fly.

Right now might be a good time to take a random long weekend trip in February. The skies may be more crowded but the ticket prices are much more palatable.

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