As my little "About Me" blurb says, I have a bit of a problem. It doesn't necessarily hurt anyone... not even me. Like a true addict, I could say, "I can quit anytime" but I'm afraid I wouldn't be telling the truth. My addiction can be quite expensive although, with a bit of effort, the costs can be kept in check. I have a travel addiction. As of this post, I've been "clean" for 16 days, having just returned from a trip to London. In less than a week, I am going to fall off the wagon (although for less-glamorous business travel)

I am a travel addict. I actually enjoy flying (and counting my frequent flier miles), I read travel magazines, horde travel guides, dig and dig and dig for travel information and can't fathom not having a vacation scheduled. This blog is intended to keep my addiction in check while providing a travel fix for my fellow addicts. Tips, ideas, reviews, photos, suggestions and everything in-between... that will be my mission.

Let's face it, if your sole addiction is travel, you're doing well.

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