Insider Tours in Buenos Aires

I absolutely love Buenos Aires - I find it to be a fascinating city that blends the best of Europe in the middle of Latin America. The people are friendly, the food is exquisite, the shopping is out of this world... I could go on and on. Really... I can't say enough good things. This picture on the right is from Complot, one of the countless little shops in Palermo Soho.

Well, Conde Nast just published a new article on Buenos Aires. In part, I wish they would stop letting the cat out of the bag but, hey, those of us who have been there can't keep the city to ourselves. Anyway, a local was quoted in the article on her tours:

"We're about so much more than the tango," Agustina Menendez tells me. Menendez is a twenty-five-year-old singer and modern dancer. Recently, she began a small company offering visitors what she calls "alternative urban tours"—studio visits, gallery drop-ins, a trip to a metalworks that transforms into a performance space at night. "I've always hated the regular tourism thing," she says. "The tango shows, La Boca, Recoleta, and those places that have nothing to do with me"—the areas, she means, which tourists used to frequent before Buenos Aires began, suddenly and necessarily, to transform itself from a city run on nostalgia into a capital of design and style.

It turns out that Agustina is a poster on the Trip Advisor Forums. I like the idea of her tours - not your run-of-the-mill jaunts around the city. If you look at her post, you'll see her e-mail listed, in case you want to take advantage of her services.

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