Our next trip

So, as mentioned, I can't fathom not having a trip scheduled on our calendar. In fact, just having something nailed down doesn't necessarily keep me from lining up something else. In some cases (well, often really) we end up traveling somewhere else, first. To some extent, I drive people crazy. Why book a vacation when you already have one lined up? It gets to the point where you almost feel a touch guilty about all the trips you take.

On that note, our next "big" trip will be to the Greek Islands. We'll be visiting during high season - not ideal but the best we could since we're using frequent flier miles. I essentially called Continental and said, "I'll take two of anything you have between June and August." Flexibility is key, particularly when trying to land rewards seats for a flight that often runs around $1300 or more.

We'll be visiting two contrasting islands - one quieter and less "developed" while the other seems to be on everyone's Greek island itinerary. Our first stop will be Milos, the famed home of Venus de Milo and dozens of stunning beaches. While in Milos, we'll be staying at the Limeri Apartments. In doing my research, it looks like hotels tend to be few and far between. Some are not willing to take reservations this early (trust me, I tried) so apartments are a good option. Assuming we can find a good ferry, we'll then head to Santorini, the stunning volcanic island. To avoid the massive crowds that sometimes overtake Fira, we opted to stay at the Studio Artemis (you can also check their main page but it is down right now) in the quiet village of Megalochori.

The trip is still far away but all this research has made me long for the crystalline waters of the Aegean. More to come as we get nearer to the trip.

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