The Story Behind the Shot: Sperlonga, Italy

During the summer of 2004, we went with my aunt to Sperlonga, a small beach town about 1 1/2 hours south of Rome. During the summer of 1979, my family spent a month in Sperlonga so I was excited to spend a few days in town. One of the reasons people visit Sperlonga is to wander through the narrow streets of the whitewashed village. The setting is awfully reminiscent of typical Cycladic architecture in Greece.

One evening, we came across a little alleyway that faced towards the sea. The sun was setting and the moon was reflecting over the water. The view was amazing so I decided to take a shot. Just as I was composing the picture, a father and son began walking up the steps. My first thought was to wait for them to clear the alley so I could take a shot. Then, I realized... no, this is the shot. I snapped it before they passed us and was thrilled with the result.

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