Some Flight Planning Tools

I don't know how many different Google searches I had to use to find this page. It's not quite the one I was looking for but did the trick. Anyway, the AviationDB allows you to take a look at historical on-time performance for individual flights to/from specific airports. If you've flown in/out of Atlanta-Hartsfield, you know how critical this information can be for making connections or avoiding loooong delays. My flight two days ago left 45 minutes late.

Of course, you just might want to know current flight delay information and the FAA has a handy site (and don't overlook that little map on the right). You can also find more information than you might ever need from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Ironically, I was surprised to see in this New York Times article that Hartsfield actually has a better on-time record than Houston Intercontinental. From my experience, that's not the case but I guess that's my experience, right? The article also shows best/worst times for each airport. The best on the list was Salt Lake City. The worst? No surprise... JFK.

I know there is a better (free) page out there... does anyone have it?

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