Fall Foliage

So, I went to Nashville this past week for a quick trip to present to the executive team for one of my clients. I'd never been to Tennessee so that was one more pin I could add to my travel map. Anyway, despite falling into a baby-induced sleep on the flight, I woke up in time to see all the beautiful fall foliage as we landed in Nashville. What a gorgeous sight. Houston has so many evergreen pines and live oaks that you just don't get a chance to relish the colors of fall. If you want to know where to catch the tail end of fall color around the country, The Weather Channel always posts good foliage maps. Another place is the Foliage Network (not one of the big 3). The same site lists the top 10 places around the country to see fall foliage. Despite Pennsylvania being listed as number 9, I have a feeling I won't see any fall color when I make it to Allentown later this month. Probably too late. I will note that the icing on the cake for this past trip was being able to catch an earlier flight back home - always beautiful!

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