Three Zurich Hotels (and two bites)

One of our favorite cities in Europe is Zurich... clean, historic and situated along the banks of the Limmat and the picturesque Lake Zurich. I enjoyed my business travel there so much that when we booked our honeymoon trip, Zurich was our first stop.

Personally, I've always felt the altstadt or old town makes a great base. Admittedly, I've never stayed in famed hotels like the Baur Au Lac or the Dolder Grand but I would gladly recommend the three I've frequented...

Sofitel Zurich - A highly regarded hotel that often receives rave reviews for the level of service and its convenient location. While not located in the altstadt, it's a mere five minute walk from the Bahnhofstrasse, about as far from Niederdorfstrasse and just up the block from the Limmat. Some of the 134 rooms can be a bit spare but are all comfortable.

Hotel Altstadt - Just like it's namesake, the Hotel Altstadt is located in the old town, tucked between the Limmat Quai and Oberdorfstrasse. The location is literally in the shadow of the Grossmunster church. Accommodations are more basic but comfortable for a three-star hotel. Rates range from 160 CHF to 230 CHF. A small bar is attached to the hotel.

Bar Hotel Rossli - Somewhere between the Sofitel and the Altstadt - comfort and price-wise - is the Bar Hotel Rossli. Having stayed there on business, we chose the hotel for our honeymoon stop in Zurich. The hotel is about a block away from the Hotel Altstadt on Rossligasse. Rooms are nice and comfortable but, if you have the funds, splurge on the Junior Suite... the room is spacious but the clincher is the private rooftop terrace overlooking Lake Zurich - by far the highlight of staying at the Rossli. Rates start at 270 CHF for a double and 380 for the junior suite.

While I've never stayed there, some other well known hotels are the Hotel zum Storchen (my dad's favorite) and the Hotel Adler. While Zurich is by no means cheap, you'll always get what you paid. The same goes for food. Zurich may not be renowned for its cuisine but the food is generally good and sampling Swiss specialities at restaurants like Zunfthaus zur Zimmerleuten and Haus zum Ruden is always worthwhile. Leaving Zurich without eating zurigschnatzlets (veal and mushrooms in a cream sauce) with rosti would be a crime.

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