Overwhelmed by the Greek Islands

So, someone I know (cough cough) might be doing a little covert research on Greece... because, you know, it never hurts to look around and just see, what's there. Right? Of course...

Now, visiting Greece almost always involves a visit to one of the countless Greek islands. The first obstacle you have to face is... which island do I want to visit. Will it be one covered with whitewashed houses in the Cyclades or will it be one of the Italian influenced Ioninan islands? Perhaps something closer to Turkey in Dodecanese? Yeah... it's not easy to pick.

I have found two sites that offer a great wealth of information when one is tackling such a task. One is Greeka.com, the self-proclaimed "Greek island specialists". It's not a bad moniker - they really offer a ton of information and many great pictures. You can poke around by island chain, by town within an island, by beach... lots and lots of good information. I really like this site. The second has more of a personal touch. It's Matt Barrett's Travel Guide to Greece, written by a man who has traveled or lived in Greece since 1968. Suffice it to say, he has a ton of really useful and detailed information from a traveler's perspective. I always check out his site... I mean, "my friend" who is researching a possible trip checks out his site.

Vroulidia Beach in Chios
Photo by Sabine Koening on www.Spitaka.gr

As I was saying, these two sites will get you on the right track. If you can manage to figure out which island you're going to visit, you'll then have to sort out where to stay. This can also be quite daunting. Of course, you have sites like Trip Advisor that offer plenty of good reviews. Still, an island like Santorini has 200 or so hotels, inns, apartment complexes, etc. that are available for rent. You have to sort through all the reviews and cut through some of the typical bias. You have to have a discerning eye.

Anyway, as I... yes, it's me... dig around, I'm catching a few places of interest. Obviously, there are literally thousands of lodging options but here are a tiny handful that I have found interesting... Keep in mind, I've never been to any of these places so I can't vouch from first-hand experience.

Folegandros - Chora Resort
Kea - Porto Kea Suites Hotel
Milos - Milos Limeri
Milos - Villa Notos
Mykonos - Apsenti Boutique Resort
Mykonos - Vencia Boutique Hotel
Santorini - Anastasis Apartments
Santorini - Aris Caves
Santorini - Golden Sunset Villas
Sifnos - Niriedes Hotel
Sifnos - Sifnos Lighthouse Hotel

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Carol said...

Santorini hands down! I stopped their for a week enroute to a holiday in Egypt and a big part of me just did not want to leave Santorini. I was mesmorized by the black volcanic sands, the deep sapphire blue sea, the pristine story-book houses, the friendly kitties at every corner and cafe, the welcoming people, the sumptious food, the exquisite jewelry, the local wine and cheeses...need I go on and say more?

American Bedu