Stuck in Philly and Thinking of Greece

So here I am in Philly... unfortunately, Continental doesn't have any flights that return to Houston past five o'clock and I couldn't figure out how to connect to another city to head to Houston. Oh well, I'll be here overnight before catching an early one back home. I'm at the Renaissance by the airport - a far cry from other Renaissances like the one in Austin but it will do the trick. Besides, it was actually $70/night cheaper than the Courtyard. Baffling.

My meeting in Allentown went very well so I'm pleased with the outcome. We'll see where it leads . Otherwise, I'm just happy I made it to my hotel after taking the cab ride from hades - my driver apparently had a death wish and little regard for my life. I'll just be happy when I'm home tomorrow.

On a different note, I've decided Santorini is the place to visit in Greece. Since our trip will be short, we'll just focus on staying there rather than hopping from island to island like the original Milos / Santorini trip. Now we're trying to decide on a hotel. Give than the Euro is eating the Dollar's lunch, we're trimming back our budget a bit and have narrowed it down to the following hotels:

Golden Sunset Villas (Oia)
Aris Caves (Oia)
Chelidonia Villas (Oia)
Strogili Houses (Oia)
Afroessa (Imerovigli)
Delfini Studios (Oia)

It's tough to choose. I like Afroessa but wish it was in Oia. That makes me lean a little bit towards Strogili since it has a pool. Nefeli Homes looks like but the reviews aren't as good. I'm also tempted to include two nights at Amoudi Villas since it is right by the water in Amoud Bay - right at the base of the cliffs below Oia.

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