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One of my largest clients is a well-known international organization in Saudi Arabia. Given that I now work with this Saudi firm, I occasionally do a little bit of digging around a very complex but fascinating culture. It looks as if Saudi Arabia is going through some interesting boom times thanks to the sky high prices of oil. However, if you want to get the opinions of two "regular folks" who live in Saudi Arabia, I'm adding two blogs to my page - Saudi Jeans, written by a Saudi youth, and American Bedu, written by a former diplomat married to a Saudi. I hope you find them enlightening.

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Carol said...

Thank you so much for kindly mentioning my blog. I try to provide an unbiased and realistic picture of life in the Kingdom. But again, the Kingdom is so diverse one can only portray that to which one has been exposed!

I am also happy to have discovered your blog.

Best Regards,
American Bedu