A colonial day trip from BsAs

Yes, it's true... I have Buenos Aires on the brain. I can't help it - I'm really very excited to be going back next year. There's just something about BsAs that has me ensnared. Yes, despite being robbed at gunpoint and nearly tied up two years ago, Buenos Aires has me in its spell. It's that reason that I've been thinking about possible day trips that we can take the next time we've there.

Last year, we went to Bariloche for three nights - it was a great, albeit rainy, trip. I've been meaning to post about that trip and eventually will. The previous year, we went to the Estancia Santa Susana. Little did we realize when we went there that it was owned by my friend's family. Small small world.

Next year, I'm really leaning towards taking the Buquebus (the ferry) across the Rio Plata to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. While I'd like to check out Montevideo, I've heard the day trip to Colonia is worthwhile. The Buenos Aires Argenita Guide Blog has a great entry on visiting Colonia - worth checking out the next time you head to BsAs. The historic quarter has been named a UNESCO World Heritage site. Much more detail on Colonia can be found in the UNESCO nomination.

Why Colonia? Apparently the historic quarter of the town is well-preseved with many 17th, 18th and 19th century buildings. Cobblestone streets and a colonial feel make the town a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of BA. The town was actually a Portuguese settlement but traded hands between the Spanish and the Portuguese until the birth of modern-day Uruguay. The day trip is only 50 minutes each way with a high speed ferry and is easily made with small children.

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