Food... Looks good to me!

I've got this thing for taking pictures of food when we travel... heck, even at home (depending on what I just cooked). I figure... what a better way to keep track of the cuisine of different destinations and to refresh my taste buds' memory. Here are a few shots from various trips we've taken...

Paella in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria
Delicious shrimp spaghetti in Sperlonga, Italy

A tasty pizza in Montreal, Quebec

An Indian spread at La Porte des Indes on New Year's Eve in London
A traditional asado at La Estancia in Buenos Aires
Delicious grilled seafood in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
A beautiful spread of cheese and cured meats in Buenos Aires
Squid ink linguini in Venice, Italy
Tasty lomo in Buenos Aires
A huge platter of bresaola, rucula and parmigiano in Gorga, Italy

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