U-Turn to Buenos Aires?

Have I recently mentioned that the Dollar's fall versus the Euro has been giving us heartburn? Oh yeah... that was my last post. Well, it's been giving me so much heartburn that I'm seriously reconsiding our trip to Amsterdam and Rome. So much so that I'm almost certain we're going to make our way back to Buenos Aires.

The Dollar has hung tight against the Argentine Peso - pretty much remaining unchanged during all the recent currency fluctuations. While Argentine has become more expensive as of late, it is still a bargain compared to most European cities. Hotel rates have been on the rise but food, shopping and transportation are still very affordable.

On our last trip, we stayed at the amazing Bobo Hotel, consistently rated the #1 hotel in Buenos Aires on Trip Advisor (rated the "Best Hidden Gem" in South America). That's no surprise - the level of service, the location, the rooms and the entire experience make the Bobo one of my highest recommendations. BUT... while the Bobo is great for a couple, most (if not all) of their rooms tend to fall short for a couple with a child. That would be us. Their largest room, the Argentine Suite (left), unfortunately isn't available for a possible stay... nor are larger rooms like the Minimalist. That rules out the Bobo for any possible stays... for now, anyway.

So, now we're looking at other places. During our first trip to Argentina, we stayed at the NH Latino - a nice busines-class hotel but we would rather not stay in the Microcentro with our son. It's just not a good walking area with a child. So, we've started searching some other options. Unfortunately, Five Cool Rooms is not available - it's completely booked out. We had our eyes set on the separate apartment.

Now I'm shooting out e-mails to a few options to see what might be available and then ultimately decide where we want to stay. Some of the hotels we're considering are:

The Cocker - Located about three blocks south of Plaza Dorrego, this B&B is owned by a British couple. Reviews are terrific and even the largest room will run you only $85/night. The con? No elevator - could potentially be an issue. This one's tempting and it did just make Conde' Nast Hot List for 2007.

Costa Petit Hotel - Speaking of the hot list, this hotel made the list, as well. Something about this hotel seems really appealing and junior suites (the entire hotel has four rooms) are still an affordable $150 USD a night. Located on the edge of Palermo Viejo.

Home Hotel - Located in the Palermo "Hollywood" area of Palermo Viejo, this hotel offers a sleek and modern alternative. The largest suites are quite expensive, particularly the loft which rents for a lofty $300+ USD a night. The hotel has an on-site spa and a nice pool and garden area.

Hotel Design CE - This is a great looking hotel - rooms and suites with a very slick design-oriented theme. They look to have incredible views although I can't quite put my finger on the location... on the south edge of Recoleta? I can't tell... the location may not work for us.

Soho All-Design Suites - Great Palermo Viejo location and all suites. The smallest ones, the Superior Suites, are them most affordable at $150 USD/night yet are still a spacious 410 sq. ft. All have equipped kitchens, wi-fi and room rates include a breakfast buffet. Unfortunately, you can't check availability online without putting in your credit card information.