Pizzeria Guerrin, La Giralda and it's Spanish Cousin

One can't help but find great Italian food and pizza in Buenos Aires. Given that something like 2/3 of Argentines can trace their lineage back to Italy, it's no surprise.

The very first meal we ever had in Buenos Aires came about two hours after landing at Ezeiza. We sat down after 10:00 PM at Pizzeria Guerrin at 1368 Corrientes, a fifteen minute walk from our hotel in the microcentro. What we found was a spacious pizzeria brimming with people, all enjoying their Argentine-style pizza with a bottle of Quilmes or Cristal. It's the kind of place that leaves a lasting impression of Buenos Aires and one that I would recommend as a "must" when visiting BsAs. Head to the top floor and the large dining room for the best spots. It's noisy and crowded but that's part of the experience. The menu is massive so you'll have plenty of traditional options like quattro stagioni or typical Argentine pizzas like fugazzetta.

Just down the road on Corrientes is another "must" - La Giralda. Named after the famed tower in Seville, La Giralda is known partially for its historic pedigree but mostly for its chocolate and churros. While not as breathtaking as the churros found at Madrid's famed San Ginés, the larger version (on the left) found at La Giralda are delicious and sought out by locals and tourists alike. Our waiter got a real kick out of hearing that we had visited La Giralda in Spain, gradually telling all his coworkers and the owner. Anyway, La Giralda is one of those classic places like Cafe Tortoni where visiting will not only provide great food but a glimpse of old world Buenos Aires.

As mentioned, if you're in Madrid, you should definitely check out San Ginés. The famous chocolate and churros shop is located at Pasadizo de San Ginés 5, a side street off of Arenal, not far from Plaza Mayor. It's smack dab in the middle of everything but not always the easiest to find. Once you do make it, you'll find an international and local clientele scrambling for the few small tables to savor the deliciously rich chocolate with their thin churros. I don't think we've ever made it to Madrid without stopping by San Ginés. Here is my wife (below) enjoying a tasty late night meal with my cousins. These delectable delights make a great addition to a night of tapeando.

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