More Travel Tips with Kids

Now, did I post these or not? I know I included some links about traveling with a baby but just received some new ones via Baby Center. Here are some great articles if you're planning to go a travelin' with a baby.

Seven Secrets to Successful Travel with a Young Child

Traveling with a Newborn to 8-Month Old

Tips for Helping Your Child Adjust to Travel

Baby Center also has a message board where readers share tips and ideas on traveling with children. Could be some good tips there, too.

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Carla said...

To me, the most important thing is that the place you are going to is ready to receive and entertain kids. That is why I decided to spend my vacations in Argentina with my two children. Buenos Aires is fantastic for kids. Not only do they have the Museum for kids in the Abasto, or Tierra Santa, but also there are a lot of other places they can enjoy. They have Parque de la Costa which is the greatest amusement park they have, the País de los Niños in the city of La Plata, a few miles away from BA. Also, theater offers a lot for the little ones. I remember last year when I travelled with my whole family. We stayed in buenos aires apartments in the very center of the city and we got to see a lot of children plays real nice and fun. My daughters loved them!