Fare Insanity

Memphis... home of Elvis, Graceland, BBQ and the mighty Mississippi.

London... A cosmopolitan city brimming with history, culture, Indian food and vibrancy.

These two cities couldn't be further apart from each other geographically or culturally. Memphis is less than 500 miles from Houston. London's Gatwick airport is 4,853 miles from Houston. Yet, the fares for the two cities are, give or take a few, the same!?

I occasionally check fares to Memphis so we can visit friends but the amounts are preposterous. Granted, you're flying from a Continental hub to a Northwest hub but $480 for a flight to Memphis in the Spring? Spend a few dollars more and you can visit London Tower. Baffling!? Typically fares to Memphis are a joke - $300 - $400 - but these fares take the comedic value to new heights.

By the way, think you know geography? Test your world knowledge via this 10 minute country quiz. I couldn't name 74 countries.

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