The New World Capital?

London is starting to stake it's claim as the world capital of the 21st century, a claim actually being made by New York Magazine, not the British.

Indeed, London is a fascinating place - a big melting pot brimming with culture, excellent food (imagine saying that about London a decade ago) and fascinating architecture. The city, like Gran Canaria (the Little Continent) seems to be the "Little World", even mirroring some of the more disconcerting social issues in Europe and globally.

We loved our last trip to London (over the past New Year's Eve weekend). The weather actually turned out to be relatively cooperative (cold, of course, but not much rain) and we found ourselves overwhelmed with options of what to do. Our food choices were endless and, in retrospect, we barely ate anything English, opting instead for Portuguese, Italian, Indian and other international cuisines. The Brits were exceptionally friendly and found that the only occasional gruffness we encountered was from Eastern European workers whose command of the English language was somewhat lacking. Unfortunately, our trip was short - a mere five days - but we would go back to London in a heartbeat. If only the exchange rate was more favorable... I guess that's what Argentina is for.

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geo said...

But you are forgetting that now you guys have a place to stay! ... and by that, I mean a "floor" to sleep on.
but it's all yours anyway!

we can swap places in the holidays... how about that?
(even though my parents will not like the idea of spending our Houston nights in other place than their house)